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Custom Solutions for Any Cloud Edge Use Case.

Intequus builds and supports custom solutions for every scenario.

All edge infrastructure models require specialized processes to support them. That can strain an organization’s resources as teams struggle to manage multiple processes or work with different vendors. 

Now there’s a simpler option. At Intequus, we provide full-service support to cloud providers looking to deploy compute closer to their customers, enterprises expanding their infrastructure, or software companies that want to improve user experiences through edge computing. 

Intequus solutions include custom engineering, program management, and product lifecycle management. You’ll also get expert help with the unique challenges and opportunities facing internet service providers (ISPs), multisystem operators (MSOs), application providers, and centralized and distributed cloud providers.

We’ll future-proof your hardware, no matter your industry or end use.

Intequus offers edge infrastructure services and support that’s customized to achieve your specific business goals.


Centralized Clouds

For Hyperscale cloud providers looking to quickly shift their centralized cloud computing closer to users, Intequus offers full-service edge infrastructure design, development, deployment, and support.


Distributed Clouds

Our design, development, deployment, and support model for distributed cloud providers enhances cloud infrastructures to enable distributed cloud computing for enterprises, retailers, and application providers.


Software Applications

Organizations that rely on application performance need more control over latency. Intequus helps move compute closer to end users with edge infrastructure design, development, deployment, and support services.



For ISPs and MSOs who want to build out their edge compute offerings quickly, Intequus provides lifecycle management to develop, build, deploy, and support edge hardware.

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Boost your edge Cloud platform with Joint Solution Development

Intequus Joint Solution Design optimizes your edge infrastructure while saving you time and money. Get custom-engineered hardware built to your specifications.

Why Netflix Chose Us To Design Their Storage Servers

Why Netflix Chose Us To Design Their Storage Servers

When Netflix needed to design, deploy, and support thousands of customized servers for its Open Connect Appliance program, Intequus rose to the challenge.


How Custom Engineering Improves Edge Server Performance

There are no quick fixes when it comes to reducing latency. Intequus engineers design your edge servers around your use case for the best user experience.


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