Five key trends gaining traction, AI/ML, Partnerships, Security, Marketplaces, and Augmented Reality

Edge computing is seeing adoption increase across many different industries. As these industries look to move their applications closer to the end-user, we are seeing five key trends emerging.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Although ML/AI systems could be more centralized, a cloud-native AI (such as a Lamba function) would be much more distributed and, hence, responsive. ML/AI are most effective when they are utilized close to the request (i.e., at the edge) making for a more seamless system.

Cloud & Edge Provider Partnerships

Cloud and Edge partnership ensures you have the necessary scale for your business needs. Without that, your edge compute capabilities would be severely limited.


To be a front-line defense against bad actors, these systems must live as close to the threat as possible, sometimes on the device itself, and have the computational resources to analyze threats in real-time.

Data Center Marketplace

When your unique business requirements mandate proximity to the requesting user or device (i.e., the edge), an Edge Compute provider is critical within your cloud infrastructure ecosystem. Employing a data center marketplace enables you to focus on the parts of the ecosystem that you want to own and the parts you want to have a partner manage.

Virtual/Augmented Reality Streaming

VR/AR experiences need a lot of computing power to render. The Edge is a perfect place for this to mitigate any latency caused by carrying out compute in centralized locations.

Watch Our Webinar To Learn More About These Key Edge Computing Trends

Jason Thibeault, Executive Director for The Streaming Video Alliance addresses these five key trends, what they are, what you can do to be ready, and tying it all together. Watch our pre-recorded webinar at the link below.

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Consider Working With A Partner To Navigate Edge Computing Intricacies

Four types of edge computing, cloud, fog, mist, and mec

The edge is everywhere. At the data center, at the cell tower, at the device in your hand, and at your home. Find a partner that can support both and help you build customized edge nodes, both in the data center and near the user, that employs a balanced configuration to maximize performance and longevity optimized for your use case.

A partner like Intequus can simplify the logistics of edge computing by providing full-service edge server solutions. Our team can help manage vendor relationships, create custom hardware, and maintain that hardware over its entire life cycle. Contact us to learn more.

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