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Custom engineered infrastructure. Lab-tested designs.

Intequus delivers unmatched design and manufacturing capabilities.

As server hardware technology becomes more complex, it impacts the performance of infrastructure and applications. At Intequus, our engineering team continually tests the latest configurations to ensure your hardware is optimized for your applications and use cases. From hybrid infrastructure and enterprise server hardware to IaaS in cloud computing, you can count on Intequus engineering and support to help you get high-quality products to market faster.

How We Engineer the Best Hardware Infrastructures.

Intequus has longstanding partnerships with some of the most respected leaders in hardware and software technology. Our solutions are designed with the industry’s most trusted, standards-based components. 

Leading businesses like Netflix and Google count on Intequus for deep expertise in five key areas:








Converged Infrastructure


Cloud Infrastructure solutions

Choose from three levels of custom design.

Whether you’re designing a system with off-the-shelf components or doing a complete custom build with branding, Intequus has the products and expertise you need.


Configure a system with barebones server kits, off-the-shelf component add-ons, and experienced design support. 

  • Manufacturer-validated chassis and motherboard
  • Manufacturer verified and supported configurations
  • Additional custom certification options


Modify an existing platform for added features and functionality.

  • Choose from non-standard configurations and components
  • Custom chassis and motherboard combinations
  • Custom certifications

Fully Custom

Design your ideal hardware from the ground up to for specific applications or design forms.

  • Custom or modified chassis, bezel, and parts
  • Lab-validated designs
  • Custom certifications

The Intequus Custom Engineering Process.

Our six-step engineering process ensures your hardware meets your highest expectations.



Our engineering team starts by defining your business objectives. Whether it’s optimizing performance, price, or both, our team makes sure your hardware includes the best components to achieve your goals. We can also recommend key technologies and a transition strategy.



At the concept stage, we offer baseline and alternative design plans, which could include variations on existing hardware or new designs. Then we develop a schedule, set deadlines, and prepare for the plan of record (POR) design.



To determine the winning design, we build, test, and evaluate system-level prototypes. As the production design is finalized, a supplier plan is created to ensure deadlines are met.



We verify and refine the design for production readiness. This process includes final hardware testing for system design requirements and a quantified list of software issues with identified fixes.



Our operations team reviews the design to ensure it meets volume manufacturability and yield goals. We verify all software issues are resolved for final delivery, and supply chains and manufacturing schedules are ready to ramp up to meet production goals.



In the final stage, our team performs an early field failure analysis review and incorporates feedback into the production design. We also conduct final factory quality checks before getting final approval from your quality manager.

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